Listen and Learn Songs from 'Do The Joyful Dance'
Buddy Dog Song Jaeger Baeger Sox Dog

Show Descriptions

Wacky Dog is about spreading joy —
of music, animals, dance, rhythm, dogs, and family.

Wacky Dog does Standards like Bingo and Originals like Buddy Dog.

Wacky Dog entertains and interacts. We encourage the kids to participate by
singing, doing hand gestures, playing percussion, wearing ears, and dancing.

Wacky Dog Show (great for libraries, schools, festivals)
30 minutes

Audience participation is the focus of Wacky Dog. And not just the clap-while-we-perform kind of participation. Many of our songs have hand movements we show to the audience, so they can join in. Howling, barking, and singing are always encouraged. We bring kids up on stage to play rhythm instruments, make puppets dance, help with the spelling of BINGO, and more. It is a cacophony of fun peppered with little lessons about music, loving animals, and cooperation. Bark, bark! for more info

Wacky Dog Experience (great for big school, community, festival events)
1 hour

This is a family dance party. Of course, Wacky Dog still includes the fun stuff that we do in our show. During our howling dance party we see- moms dancing with bairns in their arms, children swirling in friend circles, dads doing a doggie dance. We deliver Doggone Rock'n Family Fun! Arf! for more info

Wacky Dog Birthday Party
40 min - 1 hour

Wacky Dog isn't just the life of the party, it is the birthday party. Yes, a Wacky Dog Birthday Party does all of the woofing fun stuff like in the show. But since it is a smaller group, everyone will participate and the birthday dog will take center stage. The party-Dogs get ears and shakers to take home and a rocking 'Happy Birthday' gets added to the set list. Woof! for more info

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Listen and Learn Songs from 'Do The Joyful Dance'
Buddy Dog Song Jaeger Baeger Sox Dog
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