Listen and Learn Songs from 'Do The Joyful Dance'
Buddy Dog Song Jaeger Baeger Sox Dog

Easy to Play Rocking Music For Little Folks That Big Folks Like.

 Words and easy guitar for Buddy Dog Song. 
 Words and easy guitar for JaegerBaeger.  The Jaeg Jaeg Jaegiest!
Be A Wacky Dog  Words and easy guitar for Sox Dog. 
 The words to an old favorite. 
 The chords to Bingo are 'G' - 'C' - 'D' in that order. 
 Wacky Dog Live at Benbow Summer Arts Fair. 
 Playing JaegerBaeger with...
 Rob, Zukie, Bob, Krissy, Dennis, Syl, and Pops. 

 The chords to JaegerBaeger are 'G' and 'D' 
 'Coyote' was written about 
Coyotes Hills Regional Park 
  while I was a Park Naturalist there. 

 The chord to Coyote is 'G', it can be played on the drum. 

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