Listen and Learn Songs from 'Do The Joyful Dance'
Buddy Dog Song Jaeger Baeger Sox Dog
Wacky Dog Plays Rocking Music that Little Folks Like and That Parents Wonder About.

When Wacky Dog's music plays, the little folks squeal and bounce along to the beat.
The medium folks twirl, jump and sing. Everyone howls and barks. Even the big folks join in.
It's a pile of puppy fun for Wacky Dogs of all ages.

Wacky Dog and the Muttley Crew
Pops and friends have been making music together for more than several decades.
Wacky Dog naturally flows out of our love for music, performing, and kids
Pops and Syl
Oh yeah, we also love dogs!

The Muttly Crew
Pops has Wacky Dogged with many friends over the years.
Part of the fun is you never know who will join me on stage.

Wacky Dogs
Friends who have joined Wacky Dog on stage: The Branzei SistersBig Sue • Mary O'Brien • Michael Tharp • Patricia Komlenic • Bob Pehowic • Carol Hughey • Dennis Dragon • Jackie St John • Rob Hayden • Anny Zweifel • Curt • Zukie • and many many fans
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